Pinnacle Curriculum: To provide the best learning experience for children, Laurel Oak Children's Center uses the Pinnacle Curriculum. The Pinnacle Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children of all ages, focusing on all developmental areas of the child.

Creative Curriculum: As the field of early childhood education has evolved, so too has The Creative Curriculum by incorporating the latest research and best practices and taking the needs of every type of learner into account. The Creative Curriculum helps create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker.

Daily Information Sheets: Daily information sheets will be provided for parents, describing the events of their child's day. Included will be approximate times of eating, napping, diapering and learning activities.

Private Area for Nursing: To make the child care process as comfortable as possible, a private area for nursing mothers to use anytime will be provided.

Our Goals

  • Promote a strong relationship with every child and parent.
  • Provide an efficient, loving and educated staff to implement programs.
  • Provide a variety of learning activities tailored to each child's needs and capabilities.
  • Teach all children correct behavior, including self-discipline with positive reinforcement.
  • Provide opportunities to further develop fine and gross motor skills according to development capabilities.
  • Stimulate language development in young children.
  • We will collaborate with families to provide the best opportunities for all children to reach their optimum development.
  • We desire to help prepare children for a successful future in elementary school.
  • Resources and opportunities will be provided for families to become involved in the child's activities.
  • Various activities will be encouraged to best suit the families' interests and needs.
  • We will have an "open door" policy, welcoming all parents to come in and out of the center freely.
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment.
  • Support the development of all children's social, cognitive, language and physical skills and to recognize various cultural backgrounds, learning styles and individual interests.
  • Recommend outside resources and provide guidance for parents to assist with the child's specific needs.