We understand that each infant has different needs and preferences. With constant monitoring of each child, every need is met and every action is recorded.

Our caregivers go to great lengths to make parents feel comfortable by informing them daily about the high-quality care their child receives. Our warm loving atmosphere gives these children a safe, secure feeling.

As infants grow, it is vitally important that their senses be stimulated. Laurel Oak Children's Center infants are exposed to a bright and colorful environment, which helps them develop during the first months of life.

To stimulate their young minds, the infants participate in daily activities. The teachers read books and sing songs to the infants everyday.

We practice the "Stomach to play, Back to sleep" guideline when infants are sleeping in their cribs. This practice is safer for infants while they are sleeping and helps to prevent SIDS.

Our infant room is a "shoeless room". Only sock feet or shoe covers are allowed. Less germs and dirt will be tracked into the room.

We know how important development is in the first year of life. And offering a clean, safe place to grow, play and learn is what Laurel Oak Children's Center is all about.

Toddlers & Twos

Teaching toddlers and twos about their surroundings is an important part of the Laurel Oak Children's Center program.

Toddlers and twos are naturally curious and at our center, children can explore their world in safe surroundings. We believe that it is never too early to teach children about the world around them.

Teachers find that introducing concepts and watching the development of one and two-year olds can be extremely rewarding. Showing them pictures, allowing them to touch, smell and create objects are just a few activities necessary for healthy development. Teachers will stimulate language development encourage children to identify items, walk, feed themselves and to begin to accomplish potty training.

At this time in their lives it is very important to treat each child as an individual. This helps each child start developing his or her full creative potential. Our teachers are caring people with a genuine concern about each child's well-being.


At this age, children are beginning to prepare for elementary school. As professionals, the teachers at Laurel Oak Children's Center provide a structured learning environment to help prepare each child for a successful future in elementary school.

We recognize that all children have individual rates of development, as well as individual interests and learning styles, and will adapt to each child's needs.

Our preschool teachers provide the children with an intriguing environment that shows learning can be fun.

As children grow the development of each child's personality is becoming more and more evident. By focusing on the positive aspects of a child's behavior, teachers promote an atmosphere that allows each child to grow at his or her own pace.

Activities such as recognizing the alphabet, beginning to read, working with numbers, exploring arts and crafts, and refining hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills are used by Laurel Oak Children's Centers teachers.